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About Us



Nestled in the heart of Miami, Aurabel’s Rejuvenating Beauty Services is the ultimate destination for your beauty needs. Owned and operated by licensed esthetician, Herlande Aurelus, whos’ passion is to restore confidence and allow clients to reconnect with the best version of themselves. It is no secret that when you are feeling your best, you can conquer the world. Knowing that true beauty is rooted deep within, Herlande aspires to give clients new energy to take on life’s challenges. A unique blend of body and facial care, you can be sure to leave feeling rejuvenated. Specializing in reinvigorating facials and even tackling stubborn back acne, Aurabel’s Rejuvenating Beauty Services offers the perfect menu. So, when the demanding work schedules and busy home life takes a toll, you can count on Aurabel’s Rejuvenating Beauty Services to snap you back!

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